Method of Operation

After initial contact is made with us you can send drawings by E – mail we will then decide which of our companies are most suitable to produce your components we will send the drawings for them to supply a quotation to match your required quantity and delivery, we will usually supply 2 quotations for each component. We will collate the quotations for you and send by E-mail with relevant information on each company. We will advise you the best company for a particular component or project based on our many years of experience. When you have accepted our quotation you send us your order, we place your orders on our suppliers It is generally possible to send out an initial sample component when first orders are placed, this enables you to check the accuracy and finish of the product/ component, the production components are then produced, and suitably packed for shipping

Consolidation, Shipment and payment

CHIDEAN use a select number of companies for most of our manufacturing & purchases we can offer a very simple and inexpensive payment solution, this can be tailored to suite each individual client company When you place your order you transfer funds to our Bank. We will disperse the money to the different suppliers

As a professional international exporter, we use a major Taiwanese freight forwarder to provide our clients a customized professional service for shipment consolidation, giving door to door delivery for full container shipments. 

Our experienced staff will ensure all export documentation is correct and accurate. 

Our freight forwarder can provide Air & Sea freight and land transportation services around the world, Full documentation, customs clearance and more. 

Under this shipment consolidation service our client companies can save time, reduce their cost while purchasing products/components from a number of different vendors in Taiwan, and have them delivered direct to their factory on one set of documents.  
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